Double Standard

How many of us/you have been or are in a relationship where there was a double standard?

This is something that I feel very strongly about. I absolutely hate the double standard. To me if you do not want your significant other to do something like go to the bar, dancing, or anything else where the potential of get hit on is high then they shouldn’t think its ok for them to do it.

Some may think its just being controlling but its not. I guess what brought this topic on is my husband is going to a bachelor party this weekend and you know they will do the usual guy stuff, bar , strip club…. He can’t drink because of his meds so things like that aren’t very fun. Just sitting watching his friends get wasted. He was honest with me about their agenda which I really appreciate since hes extremely private and makes me alittle suspicious sometimes. He doesn’t mean to its just the way he is. I am extremely insecure but I rarely question him and never look through is phone or personal accounts.  Anyway so when he told me about the bar I asked if I could go to the bar with my friends when they go and he just gave me a little smerk and said no you can’t go without me. So yeah I hope that when this Sat. comes he will make the right call and respect my wishes like I do his. They have quite a few things planned other than that stuff so I know he will have fun and he definitely deserves it!

I dont know why this is a really big deal for me but it is. I guess in my eyes its a sign of disrespect and just flat out not caring. We may have a marriage thats kind of different but its what works for us. We dont nag at eachother but we do have an understanding and I guess in some ways it helps keep me on level ground. Don’t get me wrong I really do enjoy going out and having a good time but i would never want to put myself in a potential bad situation or ever make him need to question my loyalty.


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