Moving Forward

So I have struggled with what kind of career I want to have for a really long time. I really wanted to deal with animals especially equestrian science but thats 8 yrs of college and that just wont happen so; I had thought about cosmetology since im very good with makeup and what not but its just not what I want to do. Recently I looked into laser hair removal tech here in Texas and that is something I could definitely manage. But heres the catch, I mentioned it to my husband and he is not a fan of the idea. He really just doesnt want me to work period. Its sweet but yeah….our son starts pre-k in Sept and I really feel like I need to do more than just a house wife. Granted my house is always spotless and everyone is always taken care of but I’ve always worked since I was a kid.

When I mentioned it to him he asked me about men having the procedure done and I explained that yes men do it too of course but its rare. I figure it would mainly be on their backs and things like that. I think hes genuinely concerned about that private area. Kinda makes me laugh but I understand where hes coming from. So I flat out asked him if he just didnt want me to do it  and his answer made me feel so good. Hes not a lovey dovey kind of guy so…..He said “I want to keep you to myself, your mine”. Its kind of funny really since hes a total chick magnet, i’m the less attractive one of the two of us. He acts like I’m kind of replaceable I guess you could say. I know thats not his intention but thats the impression I get. I think theres some logic in his mind behind it, but it drives me nuts.

I guess I’m just worried about our future more than anything. He is sick and i’m afraid once he gets alittle older he wont be able to work and everything will fall on me, and I wont be prepared. Granted he gets his disability for life but that may not be enough. I’ll be 27 this year 😦 and for me I dont want to wait till i’m older to start a career. I honestly don’t know what to do or think. I am content with our situation as it is. But I’d like to buy myself something without feeling guilty, which is my own doing not his. Or be able to get him a surprise without it being bought technically with his money.

I don’t know , its a sticky one.


4 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. jayhill3940 says:

    Wow You’re young.. Lol


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