So I will start out with mood swings are a total pain in the ass!

Unfortunately my moods seem to affect everyone around me no matter how hard I try not to let it effect anyone else. One moment i’m good and happy and even cheerful, the next I just wanna punch someone in the face,(I would never do that). I’ve been having a really hard time the past few days and of course I have no idea what causes it.

Could it be, being a stay at home mom, with an extremely hyper and stubborn boy?? Yes I know alot of other stay at home moms have it much harder than I do but regardless of how many kids you have being a stay at home mom is difficult sometimes. I am blessed to be with my little man but I NEVER get a break. He has just been so incredibly difficult, argumentative and down right disrespectful which is simply not allowed period. Its funny because he is such a sweet heart most of the time. He just really likes to push me and see how far he can go.

I know that as the adult it is my job to control my own mood and I shouldnt allow a 3 yr ld to get to me but you show me any mom who hasnt been pushed alittle too far one to many times and I’d like to congratulate her, shes a much better mother than myself. Please dont get me wrong my son is my world but sometimes everyday things can be such a struggle.

So could be that my moods are always fluctuating because I allow my little one to get to many when I just need to step back and take a breath? It makes me feel awful because my husband is usually the one who gets the brunt of these mood swings. He doesnt understand at all, but as I always say, “you arent with him 24/7”, Its not right for me to say that since he works so incredibly hard everyday to provide for us. I think eventually he might get upset;)

So how do I keep that happy place? How do I keep a 3 yr old from bringing down? Questions that seem so ridiculous but the truth is, is that its a reality. When I feel this way I distance myself from everyone! Only because I dont want my loved ones to get caught in the cross fire on accident.


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